A True Zen Spa Experience

Receive Maximum Benefit With A Relaxing, Comforting Massage

Effleurage: A succession of smooth strokes using flat palms or fingers, going through the coat reaching the skin in slow, light movements, gradually increasing pressure. Intended to distribute product, relax and comfort, warms area, helps lengthen muscle fiber and increases local circulation.

Petrissage: A technique that lifts, squeezes and presses the tissue, “milk” the muscle. The stroke involves compression of the underlying skin and muscles between fingers and thumb of one hand or between two hands. Think of kneading and rolling dough in a slow and rhythmic motion, the skin is lifted, kneaded, pulled and rolled between fingers and thumb. Intended for the skin to absorb product, release toxins, evokes relaxation, separates muscle fibers and increasing circulation.

Friction: Performed by rubbing one surface over another repeatedly. The stroke is fast and invigorating, given with the balls of the first two-three fingers with one or two hands with goal to apply pressure to the underlying tissue. Intended for the skin to absorb product relieves contracted muscle, generates heat and stimulates the skin, creates movement between deeper tissue and prevents them for adhering to one-another, creates movement around tissue and joints, broadens and separates muscle fiber.

Tapotement: A series of brisk percussive movements each other in rapid, alternating fashion: cupping loosens flat broad areas, congestions in respiratory system, and has a stimulating effect.

Massage stimulates the lymph & circulation system, supplying nutrients & flushing toxins

Massage is beneficial for the nervous system, overall well-being

Massage touch allows to feel for possible abnormalities

Valuable Essential Oils provide Aromatherapy to awaken the mind & renew the spirit