How much product should be used per animal?

The product is a creamy concentrated blend of beneficial nourishing ingredients. How much you use depends on you and conditions. Apply evenly for an over-all treatment or apply thick in areas that need special attention. The dog should be thoroughly wet for application.

How many treatments are in each container?

A typical application is a bit more than 1oz per 10lbs with variables: coat type dependent (smooth, long haired, thick coats) and density of application.  

Should you wash the dog with shampoo before or after the treatment?

Drop coats or natural long haired clients, perform a very mild, diluted shampooing after the treatment; excellent for the skin but too hydrating for the hair to stand for professional scissoring/clipping .

To receive the maximum benefit from the ingredients, any dirty, dirty, dogs should be washed before a treatment.

What is the process for the treatment, ie how to apply:

Wet the coat completely and thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of selected mud treatment beginning in the muzzle area, you and the dog will smell the beneficial essential oils, a relaxing aromatherapy a true Zen experience. Apply with comforting massage throughout the body, belly, limbs, the product does not suds or lather. It is massage through the coat into the skin.              (It is not recommended to have Mobility Mud near muzzle/genital area),

Please see our massage page for more information about the strokes. Rinse.

How long to apply mud, should the dog be wrapped?

We recommend a 10 minute massage. Some people/groomers allow the soothing Mud and Flea Relief ingredients to remain on the dog for much longer and even wrap the dog, depending on conditions. You may leave the product on for longer periods of time, please remember clays absorb and adsorb. Adsorb/nourish, they are absorbing/detoxifying, please be sure to rinse completely. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND WRAPPING MOBILITY MUD. Mobility mud is a cooling mud, and heat is generated once product is rinsed, from the dog’s own circulation system, a natural body response (homeostasis) to coolness.

What is the origin of the mud?

We are very proud of ingredients and list all on our label, except for mud, we state nutrient-rich mud. We have taken from a mixture of our earth’s finest clays, richest in mineral content with the strongest ability to absorb/cleanse. We formulated our mud baths to exceed the strict Ecocet qualifications, and at a cost the consumer can afford.

 eco-certEco-Cert, France Requires a minimum 95% of natural ingredients and a maximum of 5% of ingredients of synthetic origin. 10% of total product by weight (including the weight of water) must be organic.

Our ingredients are from our earth, mother nature.  We spent a few years of testing ingredients that would allow easy spread ability, for a true, relaxing spa experience.

Massage Techniques:

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